Ultra CPU Cooler

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Support: Designed specifically for processors of the 12th and 13th generations, ensuring compatibility with the latest CPU technologies.

Robust Cooling: Weighing 300g, this cooler provides enhanced heat dissipation and performance, offering a versatile 800-3000rpm range for customizable cooling.

Plus Width Modulation (PWM): Enhances cooling with dynamic fan speed control for precise temperature regulation, ensuring balanced and reliable cooling efficiency.

Optimal CPU Cooling: Engineered for optimal CPU cooling efficiency, featuring a heavy-duty build that sustains peak performance under demanding workloads.

Efficient Heat Dissipation: Efficiently dissipates CPU-generated heat, maintaining an optimal temperature for sustained performance and system longevity.

Professional-Grade Reliability: Ideal for demanding computing needs, this cooler ensures consistent and efficient cooling, delivering professional-grade reliability for high-performance systems.