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  • Design: Sleek Apple Style design
  • Ports: Adds 4 USB Ports to your computer
  • Setup: Easy to setup, plug & play, hot swappable
  • Data Transfer: Saves on syncing time with data transfer

Additional Information:

  • Design:

    • Sleek Apple Style design for an aesthetically pleasing appearance.
  • USB Ports:

    • Adds 4 USB Ports to your computer, providing additional connectivity options.
  • Setup:

    • Easy setup with plug & play functionality, allowing for hot-swapping.
  • Data Transfer:

    • Facilitates data transfer, saving on syncing time for efficient file management.


  • Enhanced Connectivity:

    • Increases the number of available USB ports, enhancing the connectivity options for your computer.
  • Aesthetic Design:

    • Sleek Apple Style design adds a touch of style to your computer setup.
  • User-Friendly Setup:

    • Plug & play setup ensures ease of use, and hot-swappability allows devices to be connected or disconnected without restarting.
  • Efficient Data Transfer:

    • Saves time on syncing data, streamlining the process of transferring files between devices.