Basic CPU Cooler

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Support: Compatible with all processors from 1st Gen to 11th Gen, including G31 & G41, ensuring broad compatibility for various systems.

Efficient Cooling: Operates at 2300rpm+/-10% for effective heat dissipation during demanding tasks, ensuring optimal performance under heavy loads.

Plus Width Modulation (PWM): Enhances the cooling experience with dynamic fan speed control for precise temperature regulation, maximizing system cooling efficiency.

Reliable Performance: Dependable design ensures consistent and efficient cooling, providing reliability for long-term usage.

Lightweight & Versatile: Weighs 175g+/-5g, offering a lightweight solution that minimizes the impact on overall system weight, suitable for various setups.

Optimal Heat Regulation: Lightweight build facilitates efficient heat dissipation, ensuring optimal thermal performance for your system components.

Balanced Design: Strikes a balance between performance and weight, providing versatile cooling solutions suitable for a wide range of systems and usage scenarios.