V100 Pro

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Chassis Dimension: Compact chassis measuring 290 x 145 x 330mm for efficient use of space.

Carton Size: Packaged in a carton measuring 370 x 185 x 335mm for secure transportation.

Design: Front Panel Silk Print design adds a sleek and stylish touch.

I/O Ports: Features USB 1.12, HD Audio, and Real USB 3.01 for versatile connectivity.

Motherboard Form Factor: Compatible with Micro ATX and ITX motherboard form factors for flexibility.

PSU Form Factor: Utilizes SFX PSU form factor for power supply compatibility.

Hardware Capability: Supports HDD2 and SSD2 for diverse storage options.

Max CPU Height: Accommodates CPU coolers with a maximum height of 120mm.

VGA Card Support: Capable of accommodating VGA cards with a maximum length of 280mm.

Ventilation and Cooling: Equipped with a rear 8cm*1 cooling fan for effective ventilation.

Chassis Material: Constructed with A Grade SPCC material with 0.8mm thickness for durability.

Weight: Gross Weight (G.W): 2.7kg, Net Weight (N.W): 2.2kg, PSU included (0.7kg/pc) for manageable handling.

Power Cord: Includes a 1.2M South Africa power cord for versatile regional compatibility.

Built-in PWX-450 SMD SMPS: Features a built-in PWX-450 SMD Switched Mode Power Supply for reliable power delivery.