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  1. Toner Refill Port:

    • Designed to facilitate easy refilling of toner powder.
    • Typically located on the cartridge for convenient access.
  2. Effortless Refills:

    • The design aims to make the refilling process simple and user-friendly.
  3. Seamless Performance:

    • Intended to provide consistent and reliable printing results.
    • Quality of prints should remain high throughout the cartridge's lifespan.
  4. Capturing Waste:

    • Some cartridges have features to capture or manage waste toner to maintain print quality and prevent contamination.
  5. Waste Toner Compartment:

    • Designed for easy cleaning of waste toner.
    • Helps in maintaining the overall performance and cleanliness of the printer.
  6. Color:

    • The CRG337 premium toner cartridge is specified as black in color.
  7. Printer Compatibility:

    • Compatible with various printer models, including MF222dw/249dw/242/MF229DW/MF226dw/MF227DW/MF224dw/MF222dw/MF216N/LBP151dw/243d/229dw/212w/211/216n/MF249dw/246dn/244dw/236n/233n/232w/226dn/215/223d/D570/I-SENSYS/LBP151dw/MF231/MF232w/MF235/MF237w/MF237w/MF241dMF244dw/MF245dn/MF247dw/MF249dw.