RMA Guidelines

Welcome to Power X! As a valued customer, it's essential to understand our Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) guidelines to ensure a seamless experience with our products. Our RMA policy outlines the procedures for returning and replacing products, protecting both your investment and our commitment to quality service. Below, we delve into the seven essential RMA guidelines for Power X products, covering everything from warranty coverage to logistics procedures.

1. Warranty Coverage

At Power X, we stand behind the quality of our products. However, it's crucial to note that our warranty does not cover certain types of damage, including:

  • Damage resulting from dust, fire, water, or any act of nature.
  • Mishandling, including pin bends, scratches, or patches.
  • Usage contrary to the operations specified in the user manual.
  • Mutilation or alteration of the product's serial number or warranty sticker.

2. Warranty Period

The warranty coverage for Power X products is determined by the period mentioned in your Tax Invoice. We ensure transparent communication regarding warranty duration to provide clarity and confidence in your purchase.

3. Credit Note Issuance

In instances where we cannot cover the warranty, we issue a Credit Note based on the market rate or purchase rate, whichever is lower. This demonstrates our commitment to fair and equitable resolutions for our customers.

4. Logistics and Handling Charges

While we strive to provide exceptional service, it's important to note that logistics and handling charges are solely borne by the customer. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in this matter.

5. Data Loss and Recovery Settings

Power X products are designed with advanced technology and functionality. However, we cannot be held responsible for data loss or recovery settings. We recommend backing up your data regularly to mitigate any potential risks.

6. Proof of Purchase Requirement

When submitting an RMA request, customers must present proof of purchase, such as a valid Tax Invoice. This helps us verify the authenticity of the transaction and expedite the resolution process efficiently.

7. Service Centers Availability

We have established service centers in Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Pune, Mumbai, and Vashi (New Mumbai) to provide convenient support and assistance to our customers. Our dedicated team is committed to addressing your queries and concerns promptly.

Essential RMA Guidelines for PowerX Products

A Comprehensive Overview


Understanding the RMA guidelines for Power X products is crucial for ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience. By familiarizing yourself with these essential guidelines, you can confidently navigate the process of returning and replacing products, knowing that Power X is committed to providing exceptional service and support.

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